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So you have decided to try dogsledding, stop by and having a look at what we can offer you at

Cold Front Dog Sledding Adventures.

We are a small dogsledding company located just ouside Kiruna in Lapland ,Northern Sweden. Due to being a small company we believe we can provide you with a high quality experience. To provide this we only run one experience a day and a maxinum of 2 riders on the sled. 

To experience dogsledding in natures playground,we run traditional Greenland dogs from Greenland. These dogs are still used in Greenland today and offer a amazing experience into more traditional dogsledding.

From our home in Kurravaara, make that dream  of dogsledding through natures silence a reality.

If you want to experience a more personal sled dog ride with our amazing fun, hard working, crazy Greenland dogs Akemi, Bindi, Ripley, Possum, Milo, Crash, Ferret, Kaju, Orca, Unaliq and Anzac .

This summer we have had 2 lovely litters of Greenland Dogs and we welcome you to come help socialise them with a visit.

         Come visit us.